May 22, 2013

Brain Surgery Delays Next Crystal Method Album

Average people and regular Joes die in accidents or fall ill to serious diseases all the time, but we never give it the thought of day since we are never around people like this that we know.  We may hear of someone we know getting sick every so often, but rarely is it a huge shock when a complete stranger succumbs to cancer or disease.  When a music artist ends up the hospital for something like a headache or sunburn, it becomes front page news in the community.  But all jokes aside, some of these artists do end up with serious injuries at no fault of their own, and it is sad.

We hear of rock stars and rappers getting sick and dying all the time from the simple lack of respect for their bodies.  Some are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and others are merely the result of the circumstances they were raised upon.  Others, however, have no choice in the matters and simply never see it coming until it is too late.  Scott Kirkland of the Crystal Method will be undergoing some serious surgery in his brain, due to either unknown circumstances or the fact that he partied too hard in his early days.