May 22, 2013

Tonebytes Intros Harmonaut –

The way money is made these days has significantly changed over the past one hundred years, and psychology has played a good part in its development.  Good and services are the two means of creating wealth and money, but getting to that point also leads to money making opportunities.  Goods cannot be sold unless someone believes they are worth buying, and services cannot be offered unless someone believes they are worth their time as well.  The middle man between all of this is advertising.  Advertising in itself is a service, but has no product of its own – it has someone else’s.  When app developers release a free program to use, it almost always comes with a catch, and that it advertising.

Even some of the best iPad apps come with annoying advertisements that are simply part of the deal.  There is simply nothing we can do to avoid this.  Advertising is so pervasive that we almost don’t even realize that it exists in every facet of our lives.  I can deal with advertising on television and the radio; even the internet is ok by me – but having it on an app on your mobile device can be tiresome.  Too bad we can’t work around it somehow.