May 22, 2013

Mastering For iPad Review

Each and every one of us uses technology not because we necessarily need it – but because it provides us an easier way to get something accomplished.  MIDI keyboards make it very easy to record keystrokes to the computer without having to record analog audio to a deck.  DVS allows us to use mp3’s in place of vinyl records, but we can still go out and use records if we feel like it.  So the key here is that it provides a crutch for us in a sense, but it should need to be used when it comes down to it.  I believe that there are too many producers and musicians that have come to rely on the technology itself rather than their own individual skills.

The final straw may likely be to have mastered tracks using an iPad app, instead of the traditional painstaking way that has been used for many years.  Mastering is not like producing music, but a good audio mastering technician likely has some experience producing tracks.  To make this process simple and port it to an iPad really takes some of the reality of the art and sucks it away in a vacuum.