May 23, 2013

How Much Should I Charge For My DJing?

Since DJs and the cost to hire a DJ is unregulated (as it should be), it is hard to know what you should be charging your customers and what your skill is actually worth.  As a beginner in the world of DJing for pay, one of the fears that many will have is asking for too much.  Each person’s ego will dictate how much they think their services are worth, and it can be a careful balancing act of knowing your own skills and your own personal worth.  As a starting gesture, you can do the smart thing and figure out what DJs around you are charging.  In areas populated with many DJs you can expect the going rate to be much less than a small town with only a handful of DJs in the area.

Another way to look at prices is consider what you are risking to play.  If you’re a mobile DJ who needs to bring speakers, power equipment, and turntables, you can bet that you are risking thousands of dollars in a single night.  Imagine what it would cost if your equipment was destroyed or stolen in one night.  Consider the risk you are taking when you factor in your service costs.