May 23, 2013

Should I Spend My Time DJing Or Producing?

Any successful DJ who has his own following knows that they got to where they are because of skills as well as an identity.  Copy cat DJs are all over the place, and smart listeners are tired of hearing the exact same 16 bar blend over and over again, so they need to come up with something new to keep the people interested.  When a DJ begins cutting their own tracks and samples, that’s when the magic happens.  It blends not only their technical ability behind the decks, but it also creates music that is non-linear and unexpected.  This is the natural progression for any DJ who begins to get tired of the day to day grind of mixing music.

Should a DJ spend time producing?  Certainly, but the question comes down to how much time they want to spend moving between the two activities.  Learning how to produce is not easy and neither is DJing.  If you were to spend equal amounts of time on both, the end result could be pretty damn good.  The payoff is nothing that can be held in the hand, but more like the skills and experience from learning trades rather than just one or the other.