May 24, 2013

Sequencing Synths, 80′s Style

Can a computer system and software every really replace the hardware counterparts that they were derived from?  Some think so.  In fact, some who have lived through the age of hardware sequencing are quite thankful that they can achieve the same thing using only their computers, and without the need for bulk devices that take up room.  Some will argue that exact opposite though that taking it back to the basics is an uplifting experience.  You have fewer choices and fewer options of what to work with – but from that smaller group of choices you are able to do so much with what you have.

Songs from the 80’s were not only marvels because of the way they were produced, but the songs themselves were based off so much simplicity that it is easy to understand how they were made.  We can take the same riff of notes and patters and basically recreate classics from the 80’s using only a few simple tools.  That ability would probably be impossible to do these days, given the complex ways that sound can be produced and created.  It’s a wonder that we were even able to create such masterpieces at all.