May 24, 2013

Future Music’s May Soundcloud picks

People have stated that in the future, producer will make the DJ irrelevant.  If this is true then that means that a producer will also have to do just as good of a job at mixing their own music, as they do producing their own music.  They will not only have to create music, but know how to deliver it to the audiences and masses in front of them.  Both sides of that coin are not easily accomplished.  It can be compared to having people skill and having book smarts.  You may know the tricks to producing music, but you will also have to learn how to sell it to your crowd.

Soundcloud and other resources like it have made the selling aspect simpler.  I’m not talking about sales in the traditional sense, but sales in getting your name noticed and your music heard.  For any producer, the hard part is convincing someone to use your music, even without paying for it.  There are just too many producers saying they are capable of the same thing when they are really not, so you have to become a salesman from all sides of the picture.  I do believe that even with implementations like Soundcloud, the public will know how to weed out the good from the bad.