May 25, 2013

Six New Traktor Remix Decks Released

There are few external controllers that have the overall support of DJs and producers.  Native Instruments has a slew of controllers that can be picked from, but none are as far reaching as the Kontrol F1.  It just seems to have everything you could possible need from a controller that size – and it also has the backing of NI’s custom remix sets that can be downloaded for a small price.  Behringer actually has more configurations of the same controller in that size, but I doubt they will ever has such a stronghold over the market share are their German counterparts do.

Right off the bat, one of the first aspects of the F1 that is so appealing is the color scheme and button layout.  They’ve managed to shrink down the 16 pad configuration into a width that is half the size of your standard 10” mixer.  The four faders directly above it seem much more appropriate that an addition of too many rotary faders – but they have included some pots as well.  It seems to be geared towards 4-channel mixing using Traktor, but like most controllers it can be adapted to work with just about and MIDI map-able DVS program.