May 25, 2013

Conrad Tao’s ‘iridescence’, For Piano & iPad

Kids who are introduced to music making at a young age should consider themselves lucky, for it takes a long time for someone to consider themselves even an average player of an instrument.  Of all the instruments that kids learn at a young age, piano is perhaps the most significant of all.  The piano exists in many forms, but the acoustic piano remains king among them.  It sits in the same spot, waiting to be used, and the amount of styles that can be learned is almost infinite.  Some of these kids start with classical training which includes technique as well as theory, but some soon graduate beyond the piano to other instruments.

Starting with the piano first is really crucial to understanding any other type of instrument, including drums and guitar.  Why is that?  The piano incorporates more than just the timbre of the piano, it teaches one about dynamics and style, and it also has a percussive aspect that isn’t found in many other instruments.  Going from piano to guitar will teach you about the guitar, but doing the reverse won’t always be as helpful.  Some of the best electronic music producers also have a background in classical music that has been more than helpful in their career.