May 25, 2013

Keith McMillen Instruments’ QuNexus Controller Now Shipping

The piano key structure with its half steps and whole steps denotes by position and color of keys has existed for ages.  While the way in which these notes are played has changed (as well as the mechanical way they are used as changed), the concept and the key layout is still being used by many.  Even controller producers have a hard time moving from this key layout because it is so well known and used.  Does this mean that it is the best method to use?  Arguments on both sides raise some very clean concerns.  Some may say that having a standard within music making gear is good for the instrument and instrument creators.  It helps beginners understand something solid and unchanging.  But is it really the most efficient system?

Take a look at the standard QWERTY keyboard we use today.  We find them in almost every home and office on the planet.  But few know the truth behind why this system was adopted.  It wasn’t used to speed the typist up; it was actually used to slow them down.  Seems weird that anyone would want that – but regardless of why it was used, the fact remains that it is STILL used today.  Perhaps we are too stubborn to look for alternative ways of inputting information.