May 25, 2013

Synthesis Fundamentals Explained In New Poster Series

There are some artists that will admit to never liking math or never having a good reason to understand the concepts behind everything.  It starts with basic math that we all have come to understand one way or another.  Adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing – we use this pretty much every day when we shop for groceries at the store.  Then the math gets complicated.  Things like geometry and trigonometry seem over our heads, and for some this is true.  When are we going to need to understand sin and cosine?  How often do we find ourselves finding angles and calculating things like trajectory?  Not very often.

There are some musicians that actually understand math and how deeply it is connected to sound and music.  The idea of the sin wave is something we can only see on graphs in calculus, but in the world of sound it actually has a meaning that can be heard and felt.  It is pretty amazing once you being to look deeper into electronic sound and just how relevant the many waveforms are.  For once in your life, the visual understanding of a wave gets connected to the audible meaning – something that is actually useful!