May 25, 2013

Novation Launchpad S Demo

I believe we are at a limit as to how many controllers we find to be useful in a production setting.  There are geardos out there who buy gear simply because they like to buy new gear – but what about the ones who have weeded out the necessary from the unnecessary?  I would think that they may have spent a year churning gear in and out the factor before they find something they actually use in their setup.  The problem with controllers is that they are either not modular enough, or they are too specific.  Few people have the money to use a different controller for each specific task, so they end up using what is best for all situations as a compromise.

The traditional “monome” layout is preferred for multiple reasons.  The symmetry it provides helps you organize your sessions and tracks with great ease, and the idea that each button is equal to the button next to it helps your brain organize sections of the controller into a hierarchy.  The Launchpad is spot on for some of us, giving us just enough space to work with, without adding faders and knobs that tack on to the real estate.