May 25, 2013

Madeon on FL Studio

It is safe to say that Ableton is preferred by many producers and DJs who have been known to tinker with tracks for their personal use.  The argument that one DAW is better than another is somewhat outdated and old; the better argument should be about what one program has over another.  Basically, even DAW is built with the intention to record and mix music.  You don’t actually need a DAW to create music if you have live instruments and the ability to record, but DAWs give you the opportunity to add instruments that don’t actually exist in real life, and it gives you the ability to edit live mistakes etc.

Before Ableton was as good as it was, many beat makers used FL Studio, which was known as Frooty Loops back then.  FL was much simpler to understand and at the heart of the program was a simple beat making and sequencing program.  Obviously it has expanded since then to include a number of add on programs as well as more functionality.  Some producers like to stick with Fl because of its simplicity in design.  For those who work with hundreds of different layers at a time, FL studio is the clear winner.