May 25, 2013

“You learn a lot about the city by asking about its sound”

I think so of the best music out there is not found from pop albums or consumer electronic music, it is found in ambient music and scores for movies.  When you hear this type of music you aren’t really listening to the music, you are actually experiencing what the sound is telling you to experience.  We know what to expect in a movie with scary music, and we know to expect during an action sequence in a film – but creating this music takes an understanding of some deep seated human emotions.  Many of the sounds used in ambient music are naturally produced, meaning that something like a footstep gives us the impression of it actually happening in real time.

Music can be sampled from many sources, and some are more common than others.  Sure, you can hire live musicians and an orchestra to record the theme for your movie – but where’s the fun in that?  Some of these sounds can be acquired completely free of charge for the very environment that you live in.  The sounds of trains or underwater sounds happen candidly all the time – it just takes the right set of gear and the proper motivation to get a recording of it.