May 25, 2013

Note from the Editor: Music for Dance, Music and Movement

Of the many types of music that exist around the world, none is as influential as commercial dance music.  This is the type of music that we hear when we go to clubs and the type of music that cause us to want to move with the rhythm of the beat.   The definition of what dance music actually is – is quite subjective, some may say that electronic music with a steady pulse is the definition of dance music.  But does dance music necessarily need to be digital in order to fall into that category?  How about lyrics within the music?  Does it count if music is more lyrics based rather than music based?

The problem of commercialization of music does not stop at the profit level, it happens at a cultural level to and how we define music.  We may get fed a particular type of music throughout our lives and thus we may know nothing else except that type of music.  But this can change.  Dance music in the 90’s was based off of drum and bass, but dance music a decade later was house and trance.  The definition of music is constantly shifting without any certain common ground.