May 28, 2013

How do you keep track of music you like or still need to check out?

The way we keep track of our music has changed quite a bit, and I can’t say that modern technology has helped us keep up to date with music.  When I want to search for an old song, I have a hard time knowing where to look.  My music is basically disorganized, even thought it exists digitally in the same place.  I know that I have over ten thousand songs on my computer somewhere – but the task of having to go through each one is very off putting.  To me, that isn’t fun, its work.  I feel like I should be getting paid to organize the amount of music I have.

Then there are other logistical issues, like how to actually organize the music.  Many of my tags are bogus or just plain wrong, and many of these tracks have some serious quality issues.  Now, keeping track of new music is even harder than finding your old music.  Sure, there are many resources to find a song you want to hear, but knowing what is new is again, another job in itself.  Music is released so often that it would be impossible to keep track of everything and you would need warehouses of storage just to listen to it all.