May 28, 2013

Artiphon Instrument 1 Reservations Now Open

There have been various iterations of the guitar, born from the need to have modern devices built into them.  It isn’t that people don’t want to play with an acoustic guitar by themselves, but perhaps the idea of using only a guitar on its own is a bit boring and one dimensional.  Wanting a MIDI controlled guitar has been on the minds of many, ever since the benefit was seen on the same implementation with a keyboard.  The guitar is bit more complicated, so achieving the same is quite a bit more difficult that it may seem at first look.  The guitar hero guitar was probably the best evidence of how useful a MIDI guitar could be.  When hackers modified them to work through a DAW, the rest was just history waiting to happen.

Today, the Artiphon is one of the few beautiful instruments to share the guitar form with the iPhone as its nerve center.  What makes it such a looker is the build quality, and that is has been designed from wood rather than plastic.  Any acoustic instrument that is made from plastic doesn’t seem to get the same type of respect as their material made counterparts, so the Artiphon has one up on the build alone.