May 28, 2013

The Daft Punk Press Problem: Nostalgia for What?

There is a backlash happening with electronic music artists, and the revolution is actually happening from the top down.  People have been saying for years that the state of electronic music has become stale and repetitive – to some extent this is true.  We hear the one hit wonders on the radio, and the day after that there is a hit single with the same exact sound.  It gets old right?  Artist themselves are not the victims here either, many of them produce knowing full well that there are jocking another artist’s style with hopes that they’ll be recognized in the same lime light.  If there needs to be change, it really needs to happen from the inside, since the listeners are constantly fed what “they should be listening to” rather than what is original.

Daft Punk took a big risk by producing their latest album completely different from the way most albums are made today.  Instead of going with that status quo, the decided to employ the use of live musicians and not their laptops and computers.  There are certainly at the level of success where they can afford to make such a drastic change to their production habbits.