May 29, 2013


Learning the art of mixing two songs together is not the hard part – the hard part is how you treat mixing in the long haul.  Any DJ can easily listen to DJs mix on the radio and figure out exactly what they are doing by copying their sets.  The hard part is understanding why those two songs were chosen in the first place.  Did the DJ intentionally choose these tracks or was he paid to play them because the powers that be made it so?  This is the fundamental problem that DJs must cope with once they have basic mixing and technique under their belt.  The question is not how, but why.

Outsiders seemed to get caught up in the technique aspect rather than the style aspect, and it is easy to see why.  Technique is what makes one skilled, but song selection merely makes them choosy.  You need to have both, but ultimately the style is what will set you apart since technique is actually finite.  The ability to listen is much more important than the ability to spin records, just as visual artist must rely on sight more than the ability to draw when it is put down on paper.