May 29, 2013

Traktor Key Detection

Harmony is one of those cool features that anybody can understand, even if they have no idea how harmony is created.  As a human there are sounds that naturally scare us or cause us to panic – these have been hardwired into us for a very long time.  However, sounds that are delightful and awe inspiring are continually being discovered as researchers try to understand why we like music so much.  When two singers sing is harmony it doesn’t take math skills or music theory to understand it and it is just as easy to tell when a singer is out of key or a pianist is striking sour keys on the piano.

Key Detection software is pretty advanced these days, and it can do most of the hard work for you.  Traditionally, keys are known before a song is created, and if a listener wanted to decipher the key of a song, they had to sit down and listen to the entire song and the progressions within the song.  Since we don’t have time to go through thousands of songs at a time, a precise algorithm can do it for us.  Whether it be Mixed In Key or Rapid Evolution, each is a nice tool to have in your collection.