April 18, 2011

Unique Squared Customer Bio | 3LAU

Justin Blau aka DJ 3LAU is an electro “dubpop” DJ from Las Vegas who is currently enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He recently produced some original mash-ups and remixes that have received recognition on the popular music blogs and 3LAU will be participating in the WILD DJ Battle for a chance to open for Flying Lotus at the end of April. For more information on his participation in that event, you can check out this page.

Drawing inspiration from many DJs, 3LAU uses his customized “APC 80″ set-up to provide a unique sound defining his style. He made a video showing off his sweet rig which can be seen here.

Here’s a detailed list of the equipment that he uses:

Custom Akai APC 80 (APC40 + APC20 = 80 trigger clips)
Native Instruments MASCHINE
Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 Sound Card
Two JBL Eon 515 XT’s
Korg Kaossilator and Mini-KP

3LAU stepped aside during one of his shows so that we could see his set-up in action.

3LAU Setup

3LAU Setup

If you want to listen to some of his Mashes and Remixes you can check them out below and be sure to download them off of his website.


Video Transcript:

Hey, my name is Justin 3LAU and I’m here in Atlanta with UniqueSquared. I’m going to do an awesome overview of my DJ template and pretty much run you through the different sets of how I setup my live sets and what I program to my APC40, which I purchased from y’all.

I spend this summer heavily producing in Ableton, starting to program my own stuff from synthesis and programming my own DJ template and now I’m here in Atlanta doing a show at Georgia Tech later tonight.

The best thing about Ableton Live is its feature where, it has what you normally see in a sequencer, which is an arrangement view where you can arrange your clips and perform automation and that’s what makes it such powerful DJ software.

The power is unmatched, you can program any effect you want, you can map Ableton to any MIDI controller out there and the beauty of it is, that it’s made to be customized, and made to fit the user.

The essence of Ableton is for the producer DJ. It’s for someone who wants to take their DJing and take it to a more creative level.

So this is the clip launch section, it controls a 5 by 8 grid of clips that is available on screen.

All the LEDs provide awesome feedback to a DJ who doesn’t want to be looking at his screen the whole time. The light is blinking on the next cue point, like, when is that cue point going to hit? When you’re ready to make a quick transition or an elongated transition.

The scene button basically helps you click multiple buttons at once. You know, if I’m mixing in three tracks or four tracks, like I sometimes do, and instead of putting four fingers on them and getting them to try and all sync up at the same time, which Ableton does well for you, the scene launch buttons are really useful in that sense.

These track selection buttons allow me to see what effects I have on each channel. And I can scroll through it, and as I press these buttons on screen those channels will be highlighted, but when I’m doing some live stuff, I will actually jump around tracks a lot with these buttons that are quantized with the beat.

Essentially, the beauty of having this control with the track that I’ve kind of already made, is I can do some really cool and interesting sequences and change up how I’m playing the track in a live setting.

You have these set on reverb wet/dry for the different channels, and these set on delays. These are on some extra gain.

You have the crossfader which has seven different functionalities based through Ableton.

Play, stop, record, this is more if you are using the Ableton controller for production. These are for bank selection if you have multiple effects on one channel.

And essentially all of these have, as I was saying before, LED feedback to show you where, what level between 1 and 27 of the effect you are.

And having that LED feedback, instead of looking at the tick on a knob, is a really great feature, but I actually have these on my own designed effects.

So that’s kind of the basis of the controller and, like I said, it’s really limitless in that you have the default functionality and you can program it however you really want.

My name is Justin 3LAU and I’m here in Atlanta with UniqueSquared. Be you, be unique, at