May 30, 2013

Using Traktor Without Audio Interface

Buying a DVS setup has to be a conscious choice, because it is not a cheap purchase by any means.  Unless you’re making ten thousand dollars a month, shelling out half a grand in one sitting can be expensive – especially for a hobby.  Earlier models of the Serato box can actually be found at pretty low prices, sometimes around two hundred dollars, but they won’t get the benefits of better transfer rates of USB 2.0 and higher quality audio.  What is kind of strange about both Serato and Traktor is that they both have a certain amount of functionality even when no sound card is present.

With Serato it is necessary to actually unplug the soundcard from the computer if you want the software to find and analyze new files that have been added to the library.  You have the ability to sample and set cue points for new songs as well – but you do not have the ability to mix multiple tracks, only one track at a time.  Traktor is much more generous in what they’ll allow you to do.  You can actually mix multiple tracks and cue without having to plug in the soundcard itself.  For many, this is a deal breaker since you only need your laptop to mix with.