May 30, 2013

Turntable FX

DJs have their own reason for the mediums that the use to mix – but to each their own, right?  Turntables have been credited with providing the DJ with a live “feeling” of actually being able to see the music spin beneath his or her hands.  Jumping through a track can be done physically rather than skipping forwards in the way you would with a cassette or compact disc.  There are also negatives to using turntables; mainly that it takes skill to drop a beat precisely on the down beat of another song.  It is actually much easier to do with a button that can be pressed.  There are also other complaints like the fact that nudging and pinching are more noticeable on records, and are almost undetectable on CD decks.

Still, the one most sought after reason to use a turntable, is the turntable sound.  The sound of backcueing and scratching cannot be had in the same ways on a CD deck or laptop.  The area of a twelve inch record also makes manipulation that much more precise and controlled.  For those who are looking just for the sound of a record, it can be hand by using Traktor’s turntable FX.