May 30, 2013

Crowd Control using Energy

The idea of crowd energy or the vibe felt by everyone in the audience is an experience that cannot really be described in words.  There is likely no scientific formula that can explain it either, yet everyone who experiences essential feel what is going on.  It may have to do with the effect of people in large groups and how they behave with each other.  In social psychology it is usually viewed in a negative way relating to diffusion of responsibility or group think – but it has a positive impact on people as well.  Not everyone in the audience will agree that song A is better than song B, but when they see their fellow humans enjoying song A, it is hard to not wonder why they feel this way.

Pretty soon they are basically infected by the other crowd member’s reactions to the song.  The DJ knows all too well about this and banks on the fact that it will happen.  But anything this good cannot last forever, and the DJ must be able to give time for the crowd to rest as well.  Knowing when to raise and drop the energy of the crowd is an art form itself and almost independent from the music that is being played.