May 31, 2013

Start-Up Guide For Musicians

Sending out a demo is one of the oldest practices in music publishing, and before the advent of recording technology the musician has the heavy task of asking a representative to actually sit down and listen to them.  Even the great classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart had to find ways to prove their genius, which meant inviting over other famous composers to sample their live work.  These days, you don’t have to be a brilliant composer to become a successful composer, you only need to be half way decent with a decent marketing strategy.  The demo tape is still one of the best used weapons to attract attention, but you can’t just go handing out tapes hoping you’ll get a listen.  You need to target your mark.

It might be silly to some producers, who create music with no intention of sounding like others – but eventually they need to find a production company or record label that like their music, and this means finding a familiar base to start creating territory.  It often helps to learn about the person they are eventually going to pitch, just like a potential employee must learn about what a company does before they even get hired.