May 31, 2013

6 Reasons You Think People Will Support Your Music

Few kids ever grow up and want to be salesmen, because few of them consider themselves as naturals with the talent to convince someone to buy.  As kids at school a few of us may have had the unlucky opportunity to sell candy bars to our friends and relatives.  Why did we do this?  Perhaps it was because we wanted to glory of being the best salesman at school, or because we wanted to get our hands at some cheap prize at the end of the tunnel.  Whatever the reason, it taught us some valuable lessons about selling.  One of them is how to receive the cold shoulder.  No stranger on the streets wants to be asked to buy something they don’t want – people are too busy and impatient to listen.

Family members are often the last resort as they struggle to watch their young relative cope with the lack of sales.  The companies who put these kids up to this know that in the end, the emotion will help bring a few bucks in.  This is also what artists hope for when they use a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new album.  They hope that the crowd’s hopes are as high as theirs.  But the odds are not in their favor.