May 31, 2013

The Pros And The Cons Of Google Play Music

If you’ve been searching for your old favorite song on the internet you may have noticed that it is getting more difficult to find.  Personally, I can hit up Youtube for most songs but occasionally I’ll find that a song is deleting for violating some sort of copyright issue.  It sucks.  There are other sources that will allow you to play a song, but these are subject to the same sort of man in black harassment.  The issue lies in the fact that it is difficult to ask for permission but easier to ask for forgiveness.  Websites and their users are quick to post songs only to have them taken down weeks later for infringement.  Online radio stations work out deals with the record labels, but if they have to pay then so do the people.

Pandora is one of the rare stations that somehow get it right at a low cost, but if you want to hear a specific song on the fly it is going to cost you.  Google Play Music is common to Android phones, since it is the default music player.  You can subscribe to their service for around $10 a month, but that price is sure to change in the near future.