May 31, 2013

DIY Music Tech News

For a musician and music based website to work without a hitch, the developers and owners need to give a little credit to the artists themselves.  If they can spend time creating music and picking their brains, then I’m sure they have many ideas when it comes to how they want their music source host to look.  Basically, these websites need to give the artist room to create their own spaces with their own ideas.  Since Soundcloud doesn’t have the ability to be anything and everything, their next best choice is to work with other companies to expand their usefulness together.  A DJ or producer wants to post his music on one page, but may also want to link out to their personal page or tour dates.

Songkick is a newish integration tool for Soundcloud users, which allows them to get on a more personal level with their listeners.  This means that they can be listened to online, but also found in person.  Dropbox also has its hand it music making, although not directly – but they have been working on acquiring licenses for music sharing mean that file hosts can be reached through mobile devices as well as remote access whenever there is internet.