May 31, 2013

I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition

Do you ever think that the world will eliminate the need for wires and tethers in the future?  Perhaps there will always be the need for wires somewhere, even if they are buried underground or hidden from our view.  The art of making objects wireless is a mystery to many of us, but we just accept the fact that it is here to stay.  Our wireless internet makes using mobile devices a breeze and we hardly have to worry about how it works, except when things go wrong.  Audio is also going into the wireless phase where we can transmit from receiver to speaker without having to run cables along the floor inside of the house.  The next big innovation sans wires is power without wiring.  We already have it in certain forms, but like inductive charging with our cell phones, but it isn’t truly wireless.  There needs to be contact between two pieces for this to work.

Wireless electricity is not something out of science fiction, but rather than idea that was never implemented because of the costs of switching our style of power delivery – but it works.  As far as the future goes, even if we achieve all of this without wires, there will still be those who hold onto their wires, such as synth lovers.