June 1, 2013

DJ Headphones reviews — best and worst part of my job

We can understand the importance of headphones for a producer who needs to understand the true sound of a track – but what does this mean to a DJ?  The DJ needs to head intricate parts of the song, yes, but ultimately they only need to line the two tracks up based on their kick and snare intervals.  Even with the worst pair of headphones imaginable, a DJ who is skilled will have no trouble lining up the tracks from one song to another.  So, at what point does the DJ draw the line and think that “these headphones are good enough” or that “these are the worst headphones I’ve ever used”.

I think much of what sways a DJ toward one brand or another is the general attitude towards that brand.  It is sort of the Wall Street effect when it comes to shopping, since we can easily eliminate choices due to their name and reputation alone – but oddly enough that same company might have a real winner on their hands that we would never know.  Reviewers have it tough too because they try to remain objective, but no writer can ever be completely objective in their work.  Once you tack on the criticisms from anonymous comments, the job gets harder.