June 2, 2013

Echo Pad Update Adds Stereo Effects Processing

I’ve been thinking about getting an additional computer to use in my setup, but I have concerns over whether or not I actually need another computer at all.  This has happened before, where I think I need something to DJ with but I actually don’t.  That new piece of gear wasn’t necessary at all, but rather something to keep me interested and motivated; a reason to put in some time and tinker around.  Maybe this happens to every DJ who gets bored of their equipment – if they just had something new to play with perhaps they begin to create music again.  The thought of adding a new laptop is not as relevant as adding something smaller, like a tablet.  A tablet would be less intrusive and would serve a passive role rather than the active one.

The iPad could be used for a few things, but it wouldn’t be my primary concern – my DVS would still take center stage with my laptop and the tablet would have to be used for secondary uses such as an effect panel or some sort of sampler on the side.  Apart from having a FX unit like the KP3, the apps available for the iOS have become sophisticated enough to fill this role without additional hardware.