June 2, 2013

SVS Ultra Tower Speakers Contest

The average music producer and DJ thinks they have a good idea on how to create good sound, or at least what not to do to create horrible sound.  We understand basics like sound geometry and what types of speakers are meant for listening rather than monitoring.  We also know the difference between passive and active speaker system, and what to choose in any given situation.  If we further out knowledge about speakers it can become much more specific as we begin to focus on the specifications of the speakers before we even listen to them.  This is the territory that many DJs aren’t concerned with.  They are worried about different the spec on the box is from the real work spec.

What we are interested in is how well do they work for their given price point.  The audiophiles and experts who have based their life around sound are the ones who are here to pick apart all of the positives and flaws about a speaker type of speaker brand.  Some of the audio tests used are easy for anyone to understand without needing any special tools.  One such test is the martini glass test which is sat on top of a vibrating speaker.