June 2, 2013

USB/iOS condensor mic

Is the idea of digitally recorded and produced music incompatible with authentic and quality sound?  Those who are unfamiliar with how digital audio works may be at a loss for words when I tell them that non-digital music is better than digital music.  Wouldn’t digital technology be better than any analog source or music?  I guess this is the same subjective argument that we’ve been fighting forever, which one actually sounds better to the ears.  It is analogous to a competing argument about what type of lighting is better, LED or traditional.  The LED lighting is efficient and runs cooler, but that type of light isn’t always the greatest on the eyes.  It can be annoying to some, and it often takes many more LEDs to fill the space of one single light bulb.

So, can we expect to have a quality recording even though it will eventually be passed through USB to work properly?  If a condenser mic looks the part, does that mean it will perform the part when plugged into a computer?  This is a tough call because at some point when that music or recording is being digitized there has to be loss of quality.