June 3, 2013

Producer Spotlight: Lucky Date

Do you ever wonder where these producers and remix artists come from?  They seem like Presidential candidates; they simply come out of nowhere when the time is right.  What most of us don’t see is the pain and angst that many of these guys have gone through to get their name heard.  They may seem nonchalant and careless on the surface, but underneath it all they are vying for your attention.  They started out their careers like any of us – they found a hobby that they enjoyed and they wanted to make something of it.  The only difference between the bedroom producer and a producer who has a name for themselves is where they ultimately drew the line.

Most of us will call it a hobby with some side perks and leave it at that; but some of us cross that line and make it a goal for it to become a career.  For a musician to willingly take their hobby and turn it into a profession take a lot of guts and you lose the right to be so careless in your endeavors.  I have no idea who Lucky Date is, but it is clear that he has taken the hard approach to getting his name out there.