June 3, 2013

Vinyl is in any way “better” than CDs, MP3s, or high-bitrate audio

You know a debate has weight when it makes its way to the boards of Reddit.  Of all the debates that exist between music lovers, producers, and DJs, none is more powerful than the analog versus digital debate.  Each faction has purists on each side who are not willing to budge from their position – these are the cats that need to be left alone since there is no convincing them to change from their stubborn ways.  The ones who are center left or center right are the ones that should actually be focused on.  What have they got to say?  Arguments have gotten more mature, and even with the occasional heckler there are good points being made.

One of the best arguments for digital is regarding how much better our digital technology, whereas analog has little room to improve.  When mp3s first flung into existence, the quality was noticeably bad compared to a regular wav files or record.  But now with better techniques, the differences are hard to hear.  Compare that with vinyl record which will also have artifacts like hissing and pops – that kind of error can never be corrected.  As time moves on I think we will begin to shift towards the digital trend.