June 3, 2013

Traktor Or Serato After Learning On An iPad?

DJs have to start somewhere.  Some of them started with turntables and a mixer, others started out with a laptop and some type of mixing program.  Others went from a production setting to a live production setting which taught them the elements of song selection and mixing.  Regardless of where you start there is always the next level to be reached.  For producers this could mean moving away from the laptop and working with real mixing boards and physical equipment.  For DJs this could mean adding digital technology into your analog setup with the help of a DVS and some added equipment.

Where do you go if you were late to the game and started on only a tablet?  Some would say that the best option to go with would be Traktor.  Traktor’s waveform and interface is very similar to many of the iPad DVS apps that are out there such as djay’s algoriddim software.  If not Traktor, then Serato also makes a good case for the fact that so many controllers are supported by Serato now.  Either way, you will gain and sacrifice something from the choice you have made.  Also, if you buy a controller it will likely come with intro software to help push you in one direction.