June 5, 2013

Health Basics – How to Properly Care for Your Voice

Our hobbies are so fun that we forget that there can also be health consequences from them.  It get a little crazy when you think that a hobby like playing guitar or spinning records could actually cause harm to your health – especially when you look at more physical hobbies like boxing or football where contact is present and danger is always near.  For the DJ, the problems can develop in the wrist.  Scratching and Beatjuggling is about repetition, and this can wear down the fingers and wrists.  Many DJs who are technique heavy will encounter a problem where their feel the strain from too much motion.  Also, DJs who don’t protect their hearing are bound to have hearing problems later in life.  They might able to turn down the volume in the headphones – but they have no control over speakers in a live situation.

These types of problems are actually serious enough to end a DJ’s career.  It happens with singers all the time – these are the singers who are known for their powerful voices.  When they hit that high note they are really testing the limits of their body – and this sort of thing cannot go on forever.  There is always a limit.