June 5, 2013

Record Clubs are Back : The Lesson for Indie Artists

Is there a need for a music delivery service anymore?  Most of us prefer to hunt for exactly what we want, and perhaps gather a few things during our hunt.  The days of receiving random records at your doorstep through the mail are basically over.  These record pools were in existence before the service was ever digitally available, and most of them have since converted due to the ease of use by all parties.  Recently, there has been this trend; a shift back towards the physical media services, mainly records.  Indie Artist and Indie labels have made it their goal to push music out the traditional way once again.

These record pool services are more complex and customizable as well.  Instead of paying a blind fee of let’s say $100 a month, subscribers can pay substantially less.  That $100 a month might buy you twenty five to fifty records, but you have very little say in what music you receive.  A targeted record pool may cost you twenty or thirty dollars and you will receive fewer records, but at least you know that they are records that you like.  This sort of targeted pool is great since the online alternatives usually offer a better deal.