June 5, 2013

Tumblr & SoundCloud

Social media outlets are still one of the best tools to use when you want your listeners to be able to learn more about you.  Sadly, there is no one source fits all website that can handle all of your social media needs.  Facebook is great for connecting with fans and possibly posting your show listing – but is not great in terms out add-ons that can be used.  You can link music sources from other websites but you can’t host them directly, unless it’s a video.  Souncloud is probably the number one “go to” spot to host your music – and their social connectivity is pretty good as well, but the artist pages are limited.  You cannot post anything more than a picture, location, and a few lines about yourself.  It is mostly focused on music and track listing.

The last place you’d expect to look is a “pure” blog, since they lack connectivity features like Facebook chat – but they are better when it comes to personalization.  You can customize the page to look exactly how you want with dynamic html, and you can also insert whatever sort of media you like.  Recently, Tumblr has added features that make it simple to add a Soundcloud link.