June 5, 2013

DayTrotter’s Live Music Subscription

When you pay for music in an online subscription or maybe even just one song – where does all of this money go?  Obviously it isn’t the artists here who are soaking up all of the profits.  The reason why their name is sitting on that page is because they have sacrificed some of their royalties in order to have their presence known.  If you buy in iTune or the Amazon store you can bet that a large chunk of that one dollar you just spent has gone back to the store.  It pays for their operating costs as well as advertising costs.

What about when you pay money to a record pool or online subscription?  How much is the artist getting out of that?  I would have to guess that they would make very little in a record pool, compared to their songs selling on their own.  Some records pools offer an advantage to the artist, rather than just the customer or the business.  DayTrotter is a live music service that is setup like any other record pool – the only difference is that each subscriber gets to select where their money goes.  Out of the hundreds of artists that are sampled, one artist can be chosen to receive a cash amount from you.