June 5, 2013

Music Artist Backstory

When a kid grows up to become the best at their sport or profession, people want to know how they got to that level.  We can go on Wikipedia any day we line and look up an actor or artist who is known around the world – and in their bio section you’ll read that they grew up at some public school near you.  You will learn that they started their lives as nothing special.  This is very common and we look at these individuals as those who had a great idea and struggled to make it a success.  Other times we will see musicians, who were raised around music; who learned to play the piano as well as 10 other instruments.  These are the ones who have been bred for success, coming from music families.

Then there is the third type of artist that we all love to hear about.  They were the ones who started with nothing, who couldn’t afford an instrument.  These are the ones who had no other opportunities, so they stuck with what they knew.  The story of this type of artist is almost always more captivating than the rest, and it is the one that gets the most respect.