June 6, 2013

DistroKid Launches Much Cheaper TuneCore Alternative

Most of the constructs built around online music and music sharing are really geared towards the customers or consumers, not necessarily the artists.  It is assume that signed artists who have representatives do not need the help of their parties to get their music out there.  Their labels should be doing their job on that end so that the artist doesn’t need to.  iTune, Amazon Music, Beatport; all of the digital music distributors have deals and contracts with major record labels that also guarantees that songs are uploaded in fresh form, whenever a new track is released.  For the artists who aren’t signed to big labels or even signed at all, it takes much more effort.

These artists have to approach each company and ask that their music be uploaded and available for purchase.  None of this is free, and the artist must pay revenue from each some that is bought off of a distributor’s website.  The artist only rakes in a small amount of these profits in exchange for increased exposure.  Distrokid is a neat idea that allows an artist to hit up every single distributor with a single click.  Although it is more complicated than that, it is still good to see someone on the artist side.