June 7, 2013

Modular Synth Enthusiast

Some synthesizer players come from classically trained families who have learned to play such instruments as piano and guitar.  They look at a synthesizer and see a piano that can be shaped to play strange sounds in place of a regular piano tone.  Some synthesizer plays grow up without ever having touched a piano in their lives.  They look at the white and black keys on the piano and they do not see a thousand different types of “piano”, they see a unique instrument that is unlike any other.  In fact, some would have a hard time calling it an instrument in the classical sense; they see it as a machine to produce strange noises and effects.

The second camp of users might be seen as the geeks of the synth world.  The stuff they create may not be agreeable with your sense, and it may lack certain qualities like melody and rhythm – but to them this was the goal of having owned a synth.  I believe that synth companies make their products for both types of users.  They want something that is elegant and worthy of sitting on stage, yet they also want it to be capable of experimentation and furthering the science of synthesizers.