June 8, 2013

Amazon Music Sales

When music first became available for digital download, did it ever occur to anybody that it might be better if a regulated standard price was initiated for the price of individual songs?  I don’t many diggers are going to scoff at the fact that the same song costs ten cents more on Amazon than it does on iTunes, but that little price different will be a determining factor in as to which way you’ll sway when the time comes to re-up on some new songs.  Less than a dollar is about the going rate for a song that isn’t top 100 on the billboard charts.  If you can swing a classic tune that is hard to find then you might pay more.

The way most of these music outlets are configured to try to push you to buy the whole album rather than piecing it together song by song.  Buy only five songs from a twenty song album and you’ve already paid the entire cost of the album.  How a music outlet decides to promote your music is an entirely different business strategy.  I’m sure that labels can pay a substantial feel to have their artists’ songs front listed rather than hidden away in a search query.