June 8, 2013

3 Tips for Producing Music Faster

Let’s take a look at the song writing process and break it down into baby steps.  At the start of any song there is the initial thought or idea.  This idea can be known before hand or it can be created from noodling with samples into a catchy phrase is found.  After the basic ideas are laid out, the next step is to being molding this hunk of clay into something relatable.  Think of this step as taking the basic sounds and instruments you want to create a dirty version of the song.  The third step should be the final process where all of the nit picking is done.  This is where you fine tune each instrument and work with audio settings such as panning and compression.

This is not the only way to build a song, but it is the most reasonable.  Trying to create it from start to finish, perfecting each section at a time, feels good when listened to – but once you need to create big changes to a track, you’ll find yourself unraveling all the hard work you put into it previously.  A visual artist usually starts with a sketch before the final image is completed, and music should be written in the same manner.