June 8, 2013

Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer slashed. But why?

Few mixers have been produced in the last couple of years that have gained as much notoriety as the Traktor Z2 mixers, by Native Instruments.  That’s not to say that other technological marvels haven’t been created simultaneously, because they have.  Pioneer, in usual fashion, has been pushing the limits of innovation, even going as far as adding wireless and cloud capabilities to their mixers.  Why hasn’t this become the pinnacle of mixing equipment?  The reason comes down to the price and scales of production.  I believe Pioneer knows that they can set their prices to be whatever they want – they are the Mercedes-Benz of DJ gear.  They cater to a specific audience, but that audience is not the broadest of them all.

The majority of DJs want a mixer that can do everything – but they don’t want to pay two thousand dollars for one.  Many would rather buy second hand gear at five hundred dollars than try to score the same mixer at retail price.  The Z2 has made it possible for the DJ to get something brand new which still stands up to some of the best mixers out there.  Perhaps Native Instruments produced enough of them to keep the price running low.