June 9, 2013

A Stompbox That Can Become Whatever You Like, in Crowd-funded OWL

A guitarist is unlikely to activate effects using their hands, since they need to be on the guitar at all times.  Rarely will you see a guitarist when a guitar strapped around the neck and drumsticks in their hands either, it doesn’t look right.  What you do see is a guitarist with multiple pedals laid out in front of them.  Those who aren’t in the know will have a hard time figuring out which pedal does what, and the setup can be confusing for other musicians as well.  Most of these pedals are known as stomp boxes.  They are no frills devices that turn an effect on and off.  They are called stomp boxes because they are built for utility; built for abuse.  Some of these are handmade and some are bought – but they each have their purpose.

In the future the stop box will not just be mechanically controlled; they will likely be programmable and digitized.  While this idea may not sit well with some, others will rejoice at the idea that a single stomp box can be configured to do just about anything.  As it stands now, a good FX pedal will cost you dearly and there are very few hackers on the digital side of production.