June 9, 2013

Kimber Kable 8TC Speaker Cable Review

If you thought trying to compare speakers was difficult, try comparing speaker cables apart from each other.  Without writing on the sides of the cables, how the hell would you know what you are actually using?  And even if you did know their brands and specs, how do you really know that one is better than the other.  In a typical speaker system it will be pretty difficult to judge a cable’s quality by the sound quality – but once you use them on a nice system that an audiophile would own, the differences will become noticeable.  Speaker cables, much like power cables, are constantly being branded and labeled to do “this” or “that”, once you get the sale pitch you can begin to discover what they are really all about.

At the most basic level, speakers can be wired together using cheap lamp wire.  This stuff was made cheap, and should only cost maybe a quarter for a foot of it.  Of course with this you’ll have to cut your own terminals and rig up a way to secure the wires.  When you start shopping for better brands, you’ll find cable that comes with its owner connectors as well as some serious insulation from the elements.