June 9, 2013

3 Tips to Writing More Evocative Songs

Creating music has gotten so advanced that it either becomes too difficult to write the song you want or too easy that it lacks any real depth or inspiration.  It sounds strange, but a pen and a piece of paper is not a bad place to start when writing a track.  This outlining process allows you to explore actual ideas written in words, rather than just thinking of how you want the track to sound when it is done.  The first step when thinking of new songs and melodies is to try to strum it out in some sort of way.  This can be done by just doodling with an instrument like a piano – or it can be done by humming out the song.

Some musicians will actually hum out what they want the song to sound like, then record it, then redub it with another layer of hummed music after that.  While this isn’t going to help you produce the song on a DAW, it lets you analyze the end result of a song before it is even started.  With a better objective view of the song you can work on making technical decisions from them on in.