June 9, 2013

Guitar Makers Fighting For Old Growth Forests

The modern challenge of making musical instruments does not come down to factory limitations or technical achievement – it comes down to creativity.  Any sort of digital device can be created in a factory and produced a thousand times over without breaking a sweat.  The costs to run these molding and factory machines are quite minimal when compared to the same amount of effort put in by human hands.  We are at the point where scales of production are not the problem anymore – the problem is creating something worthy of being replicated.  Consumers are partly to blame because they would rather spend less money on the plastic version of a device, rather than the handcrafted version.  I don’t blame them, everyone wants to save money.

What about the instruments that are still being created from scratch, out of natural materials?  As odd as it may sound, these natural materials are harder to come by these days and synthetic materials are easy to create in comparison.  Materials like wood are getting scarce, since natural wood takes years to produce.  Finding an electronic instrument laced with wood will cost you dearly because of this scarcity.  For acoustic guitarist, the choice between synthetic and natural may not be very hard to make.